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A list of suggested improvements and updates for ACNH

So this is an adaptation of a recent post I made elsewhere, but the gaming community on that site is basically dead so I figured it might get more interaction here.
I've played ACNH every day since release, and I think we can all agree that parts of it feel frustratingly unfinished. Several features are inexplicably a step down from New Leaf, or lack obvious improvements that someone surely could have thought of in the past 7-8 years. Many mechanics are totally arbitrary and add unnecessary tedium. The UI has been kept mostly traditional to the series, without taking into account that the new crafting elements are a massive departure and create new problems to solve. All this stuff creates a friction between the player and game that's almost certainly going to make people get bored and stop playing prematurely, and in a multiplayer game, active players are themselves game content. You need the extra polish in this genre. I've gotten tired of whining about these things individually on various platforms so I decided to just smash them all into a big list and chuck it out into the void.
Disclaimers: I am not a professional game designer, just an enthusiast. I recognize that this is unlikely to end up on a CEO's desk or whatever so… consider this just me venting, if that's what blows your skirt up. There is of course also a nonzero chance that all of this has been in the works for months and will suddenly drop into the game next update, who knows.
Also, while I kept wanting to derail and spend six hours talking about theoretical shiny new features, I tried to edit it down to either basic quality-of-life stuff, things that have precedence somewhere in the series, or things that are so standard in other games that they really should have been obvious to include at launch. Feel free to discuss, dispute, or add on.

Inventory management:
- To get the obvious one out of the way: craft multiple items at once, using a counter or number input. Crafting beyond inventory limits should send the extras to your storage. I'm still astounded that this wasn't in the base game on release.
- Wood, bamboo, stone, etc. should be picked up automatically when in range of the player. Only if it has been previously dropped by the player should it require manual pickup. Enable or disable with a toggle in the settings menu. Nearly all crafting games have this.
- MUCH higher stack limits for fruit, turnips, tickets, and crafting materials. All duplicate items should stack, including critters, furniture, clothing, and recipe cards. I wouldn't complain if tools stacked as well. Add a "place 1", "drop 1", and "split" option on stacks.
- ADD A QUICK SORT BUTTON IN THE INVENTORY. Lines up your tools in the last remembered configuration, stacks and sorts items, and puts away bells.
- Boom, Nookphone now has a handy payment app and we can pay from and get paid to our bank account instead of having to carry cash around (obviously still with the option to carry cash for planting money trees, etc.) Dear God, what year is it? Is Daisy Mae allergic to technology? You wanna tell me Flick doesn't have cashapp? They're gen Z!
- Ability to pay bells to increase home storage. Make the price scale with each purchase if you like.
- In storage, add a “special” category for limited edition furniture, Saharah items, etc.. Give us the ability to tag items as special, in case we decide that random shirt is a keepsake or whatever.
- All items should be compatible with storage. Why can I fit an entire T-rex skeleton in my closet, but not a single solitary little turnip? Or a 3x5 index card with a recipe scribbled on it?
- The wardrobe functionality is cool, but every container shouldn't be a wardrobe. Give us usable, separate containers to stash and sort our stuff. Players could put a crate full of fish bait by the shore, make a drop-off for fossils until they're ready to get them appraised, make a tool shed, keep their seeds by garden areas…
- Select multiple items from inventory in any context, not just during sales. Drop up to 9 items simultaneously, release multiple fish/bugs, store multiple items at once.
- The wetsuit shouldn't have to sit in the inventory when it's off. There are unused buttons, which is a shame--just let it sit in the apparel window and let us toggle it on and off with a button press. If we want it in our inventory we can remove it from the apparel window.
- Give us a separate bar for tools that doesn't eat into regular inventory space. Sell it for nook miles as a toolbelt, if you like.
- CRAFT DIRECTLY FROM STORAGE. If you have 758 wood stashed away, the game shouldn’t act like you have zero just because none of them are in your pockets. Nearly all crafting games have some support for this, because having to move items around may be logical, but it's also boring busywork and should be abbreviated. (Disabling this on other islands and NMT islands is fine.)
- ASSUMING THE ABOVE IS IMPLEMENTED: Auto-sort items at the moment they are obtained. If all your stone is in your storage at home, then picking up a stone should send it to your storage at home--where, again, it should still be accessible for crafting. (Disabling this on other islands or NMT islands is fine.)
- Let us just buy a nook ticket for immediate use at the airport counter. ("Oh, you don't have a NMT? Would you like to purchase one for 2000 nook miles?" Boom.)

Shopping UI:
- Again, getting the obvious one out of the way: fitting room allows purchase of more items at once, including duplicates if desired. It's already integrated with home storage--why shouldn't I be allowed to buy ten of everything in one go?
- Similarly, Kicks, Leif and Nooklings should allow multiple purchases at once. Highlight this, that and the other, then buy--done. Give Sahara a real shop window instead of an annoying dialogue branch too. No vendor should have her weird text-based interface, it's soooo clunky.
- Names of items not yet in your catalogue should be displayed in different font color, and they should be marked on the shelf via a visual indicator, like a small placard.
- Bring back carpet/wallpaper previews in the shop.
- When entering the fitting room, the wetsuit comes off automatically.
- Bulk purchase items (e.g. plants, wrapping paper) should have a counter or number input, not just a binary choice between one and five. Allow more items to be bought in bulk, such as nook tickets.
- The Gamecube release included a player shop feature--using your house gyroid, you could set out items for sale to other players for any price you wanted. The feature never appeared again, even as multiplayer and vastly increased networking capabilities made it more and more of a useful feature to have. Bring this back! Maybe an item-trade function too!

Decorating and Landscaping:
- Ability to move a building only a short distance, overlapping with the old location. It shouldn't freak out over collision with itself.
- Bigger and more house rooms. Why on earth have houses gotten smaller since New Leaf? Layout control would be awesome too (so I could link up the ground floor rooms in a different way instead of being stuck with four doors in my main room, etc.) and is pretty typical of games where you can build and customize a house or homestead.
- Faster animations during construction, and while scooting and rotating furniture. Quicker movement of furniture is especially a must outside, where we don't have the advantage of decorating mode.
- Ability to put more items on tables. I want to put my wands on display! There's no reason they should have to sit on the floor. Same for instruments.
- Let me put fences inside, and put wall-mounted items on my cliff faces.
- "There's no room to put anything here"--well there WOULD be if you would interpret what I'm trying to do and push me back two pixels. Work with me here.

- SAVE. FILE. BACKUP. Let me copy to SD card, let me keep six months of backups, let me roll my town back as I please. There's already been one game-breaking bug that forced people to delete their five-hundred-hour towns; there's no telling when there'll be another. "But people will hack and sell save files and"--bad news, Buttercup, they already do. They probably also do naughty things with their joy-cons. Whose business is it?
- Multiple towns per switch. As many as I can stuff into the memory. There is absolutely no reason not to do this.
- More color options for hair and eyes. Many games have had RGB sliders for this for years, but at minimum the addition of a decent purple and another shade of green wouldn't go amiss. And where are my wacky colored contacts??
- Built in island-hopping. Finish up on one island, talk to the dodo, say "New island please", spend a nook ticket and go directly to your next destination.
- I know people adore Isabelle but if she doesn't have anything to say, I don't really wanna hear about her exciting life every single morning. Maybe if it was about her fun weekend slaying demons with Doomguy, but not so much her extended thoughts on the sad decline of the Discovery channel. Sorry.
- Optional “silent” bug-catching, fossil collection, etc., controlled with a toggle in the settings. You know how when you pull a weed or dig up a flower, it just goes into your inventory with no fanfare? Do it like that--after your first ever unidentified fossil, or first critter of a given species, your character just nabs 'em and pockets 'em.
- Likewise, "silent" tool breakage. Give the full heads-up the first time it happens, but from then on just show the break animation and move on. Yeah someone might miss it when a tool breaks, but presumably they'll intuit what happened when they later realize it's gone--it's not rocket surgery.
- How many times is Sahara going to introduce herself to me? How long does Gulliver really need to realize his phone is broken again? Edit visitor dialogue WAY down after first encounter. "EEK A GHOST! Oh no I explosively shat my immortal soul in all directions again, you know the drill"
- And on the flipside, edit and expand normal villager dialogue. I'm not sure if I'm imagining it, but Lazies and Normals in particular seem to say the same things to me constantly. Normals' dialogue is also so bland that it feels like it was churned out last-minute for a Nick Jr. show to teach your toddler vocabulary words. "Today is fun" OK Savannah. Grow a personality.
- Individual control over sfx and music volume in the settings menu. Actually, the settings menu in general is so bare I'm not sure why it's there at all honestly. How about giving us some settings? Y'know, in the settings menu, where you're supposed to be able to set the settings... those things you can set?
- More pattern space, with separate space for separate player characters. A new tab specifically for shared patterns would be fine.
- Let me order more items, and receive them with faster turnover via two daily mail deliveries instead of just one, as in ALL previous games.
- If my pockets are full, I don't need a sloowwwww text box about it. Just jump straight to the inventory so I can drop-or-swap.
- Nix the phone call every time I use the drop-off box. A quick ka-ching noise and a ticker showing my bank balance for a second is fine.
- Balloon presents shouldn't just disappear when they fall into a flower bed. Finding the nearest empty square and bouncing it there is really easy.
- Build in island-hopping. Go to a NMT island, talk to the dodo when finished, say "New island please", and go directly to your next destination. Either pull the ticket from inventory or storage, or pay for a new one on the spot.
- And finally: TOUCH/STYLUS SUPPORT, especially for item menus! Let me touch and drag items, let me select menu options with a stylus! This is one of the reasons that NL feels so much better to play, it's a very basic accessibility feature, and besides, you're paying extra manufacturing costs to have a touch screen. Why wouldn't you use it?? I feel like this is one of the things they skimped on to get the game out in March, because some contexts allow touch and others don't, seemingly at random.

Woooooof I think that's it for my megathread of kvetching. If you're still here, thanks for reading and have a cookie!
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[Table] IAmA: IAm the Editor in Chief at Rotten Tomatoes. AMA

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Date: 2012-09-05
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Questions Answers
How do you think some of the most terrible movies actually make it to the big screen? I would assume at some point SOMEONE read the scripts and thought, "Wow, that's awful." Funny you should say that... we interviewed Jason Statham, and some thing came up about some movies of his that weren't well received, and he said that you don't think you're making a bad movie when you're in the middle of shooting. Cut to three months later, I'm interviewing Rosario Dawson, and she's joking about some of her Tomatometer scores, and I tell her what Statham said about not thinking a movie is going to be bad, and she says "Oh no, I knew that Pluto Nash would be bad" But she said she couldn't turn down the opportunity to work with Eddie Murphy.
Aha! Great to see you here, I'm a producer on a Documentary called Beijing Punk that's somehow been listed incorrectly on your site, the descriptive text and cast info on Rotten Tomatoes is from another film called Beijing Bubbles. I've tried raising trouble tickets and emailing to get it fixed but nothing's been done for months so I figured what the hell and thought I'd ask here :) Also we received a glowing review from the Huffington post but the Rotten Tomatoes page hasn't picked it up. How do we connect the two? And to ask a general question to be on topic, how hard is it for independent filmmakers to get their film listed on your site? Do they have any control over the information presented or is it gleaned from sources automatically such as the IMDB? Hey, hit me on Twitter @matchity, and I can help you out.
Any chance of getting rid of this popup? Or maybe just stop showing it after we have seen it 100 times? For what it's worth, I don't like that pop-up either.
Given how influential your site is, do you ever get pressure from studios to try and fudge the system to move an expensive stinker from rotten to fresh? If so, how do you respond? We'll get a bunch of links to reviews from critics or sites that don't meet our qualifications.
We'll get asked to change a rotten review to a fresh one, because the review is neutral.
In the case of #1, we'll just say that the reviews don't qualify. In the case of #2, we'll ask the critic if we've scored it right. If they tell us to change it, we will, but we have to hear it from the critics.
Going off the end of that, do you feel the critic's recommendation for each film is a good idea, rather than going strictly off the numbers? A 2.5/4 rating isn't necessarily "rotten" or "fresh", yet it goes either way. On top of that, I recently saw on early reviews of The Master, Richard Corliss' rating is a 7/10, and remains the only "rotten" rating (at this time). Do you fee one way is better than the other? 2.5/4 may mean fresh to some reviewers and rotten to others. Our hope is that people are actually clicking through to read reviews, rather than basing their entire decision about the score.
We've thought about the possibility of changing things up, but in all honesty, keeping the system mostly simple is probably going to be our best bet. It allows for a level of transparency that we like, where as averaging out scores adds in a lot more subjectivity and reinterpretation than I think we're comfortable with.
Why isn't Taken 100%? Because we didn't get a threatening call from Liam Neeson yet.
What rating have you disagreed with the most? What has been your biggest surprise? I hated The Tree of Life, but most of the critics loved it, so maybe I was missing something.
And I was pleasantly surprised to see Fast Five get a fresh rating, but I love those movies anyway. I was kinda surprised to see Expendables 2 end up as fresh.
Speaking of Terrence Malick have you seen his new film To the Wonder and if so what do you think of it? Haven't seen it yet.
Have you seen Crank 2: High Voltage? I love the Crank movies. Totally trashy, totally awesome.
What are your Five Favorite Films? I'm a big fan of Rotten Tomatoes. Thanks for doing this AMA! We put our own five faves on the back of our business cards
I'm a long-time metacritic user. How would you convince me that Rotten Tomatoes is better? I prefer metacritic because they use numerical scores (which allows greater accuracy than a simple rotten or fresh), among other reasons. I think we have a broader pool, and a more democratic system, but I think Metacritic does a fine job doing what they do.
But if you like them better, then hey, that's like, your opinion man.
Any thoughts on Metacritic? I think they're good at what they do, but I think our site is more fun. But obviously I'm biased.
I think a weighted average like theirs potentially opens the door to a lot of subjectivity on behalf of the aggregators, but we get similar criticism about how we handle neutral reviews.
Ultimately, we're both assigning numerical values to subjective analyses, so users have to pick which version of that they like more.
How does someone become a "Top Critic"? Do you feel the ratings system is weighed fairly? The criteria for being a Top Critic are here. In a nutshell, we're looking for the people or sources that have the largest reach of the best writing.
We do try and make the system fair, in that it basically boils down to one critic - one vote.
"Print publications must achieve and maintain status as one of the following: - A top 100 daily US newspaper - A top 100 weekly US newspaper" What will you do when there are no more newspapers? Not sure yet. Honestly, that's something I really worry about.
Tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Botanists say fruit, government says vegetable, I think.
Whats your favorite guilty pleasure movie? Probably The Fifth Element. It's kind of a mess, but I love it.
My question is how can you hope to control this, if at all on your website? Obviously when it got to death threats it was necessary not to allow commenting on the thread anymore, but there seems to be the amazing split with RT commenters where one person will trash the reviewer and the person directly below will say "hey we're allowed our opinions". Which side do you fall on, and how to you hope to gain traction with your users, if at all when it gets ugly? Ultimately, we're going to change how our comment threads are set up so that there isn't a thread for each review, and I think that will help a bit. But we're a pretty big platform, and once you hit a certain traffic level, the trolls definitely come out.
The Godfather Part II shows 2 rotten reviews, but when I try to read them, only one critic is shown. What did you do to the other guy? Ask Luca Brasi.
How do you determine whether a critique is Rotten or Fresh if the general tone of the article seems to be neutral? In many cases, the critic submits the review with their own rating. But when we pick up the review, sometimes everyone in the office will read it, and if we really can't agree on a rating, we'll ask the critic. But if something's truly neutral, we'll usually mark it fresh; the phrase we use in the office in that case is "tie goes to the runner"
I'm sure you remember the ordeal with internet users flooding message boards of movie critics who gave The Dark Knight Rises a negative review, but there was one article in particular that I read who admitted that he hadn't seen the film yet. How can you add to/take away from a movie's tomato score based on someone who hasn't seen the film's opinion? In that case, we took the link down to that review as soon as we saw it.
How many miles do you recommend between tire rotations? About 5,000 miles, depending on how you drive.
Will the Rotten Tomatoes Show ever come back? And what's your personal opinion regarding the scores? Would you see any "fresh" movie as a movie one should go watch? I personally like the seperation into fresh and rotten because oftentimes it's just too much about critics ratings. That incarnation of the show if over, but we're trying to cook up some other things. And I'm trying to get Brett and Ellen to come on the Rotten Tomatoes Radio show; I see Brett every week at Current, when I'm shooting What the Flick.
Regarding scores, I think they can be a good tool in the decision making process if you're on the fence about seeing a movie. But if you're dying to see a particular movie, then go see it; it's ok to see (and like) a movie that the critics don't like.
Except Twilight. Those movies are terrible.
Obligatory. Bone...
If I may, what are some of the ideas on this "to do" list? #1 and #2 are "Don't talk about the 'to do' list"
I had a feeling you'd make movie references. We can't have any conversations in the office without some quote from something.
Editor in Chief of an influential website like this.. should be at least..150k right? I'm sending this recommendation to my boss.
How does the FlixsteTWX ownership structure work? Do you get Time Warner stock? How much editorial freedom do you have, and are there any guarantees? Theoretically you could get a call from your boss's boss's boss's boss telling you to find a way to give the latest Warner Bros. film a push over that line from rotten to fresh or else he'll fire you and find someone who will--right? No stock, but total freedom to write and cover what we want.
If I'd had any doubts about that, they were erased the week Dark Knight Rises opened. No one at WB gave me any direction on how to handle the commenter issues, or what to do when the incident in Aurora happened. After that week, we got some feedback from corporate PR that they thought we handled everything well, but at no point did they ask us to do anything differently.
We never heard anything like that while we were part of News Corp, either.
Texting in theaters - what should we do here? I could go on a huge rant here (I just did on last week's Rotten Tomatoes Radio show), but I'll just say that I don't think there's any justification for texting in theater full of people. You're either too dumb to realize you're distracting others that paid to see the movie, or you just don't care. Take your pick.
What actor do you dislike the most, out of everyone you can think of? There are some people I'd like to see do better movies, like Adam Sandler, but Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison still make me laugh. But there's no one I really hate; I save my hate for people I know personally.
What is the highest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes? Lowest? Best reviewed movie of all time is Toy Story 2 - 100% with 161 reviews.
Worst ever is Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever - 0% with 108 reviews.
Worst ever is Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever - 0% with 108 reviews. Already added to my downloads list. There's more where that came from here
Personally, what did you think of The Dark Knight Rises? I liked it a lot. I don't know that it stands alone very well, but as a trilogy, Nolan's Batman movies are damn good.
Do you receive fan mails? what's the weirdest one? I don't get fan mail.
Has any of the film promoters ever tried to bribe you to review their movies? what's the weirdest one? No one's tried to bribe me, but we do get filmmakers challenging our interpretation of a review. When that happens, we'll check with the reviewer to make sure it's right.
What about hate mails? I don't get hate mail, but I do get nasty comments on YouTube.
Hello. What is your favourite movie that has a 'rotten' rating? Probably the first thing to come to mind would the The Fast and the Furious franchise.
I feel that the neutral comments really get me. For example, one of the reviews will be bad and i read it, and sometimes I feel like its a good review and shouldn't be a rotten tomato. Is there a system to determine if some of the neutral comments are rotten or not? It throws me off sometimes. The neutral ones can be really hard to interpret sometimes. Sometimes three or four of us will read the same review to try and find a line that really defines where the critic stands. If we really can't figure it out, we'll ask the critic directly. That comes up a lot with Hollywood Reporter and Variety, where some of the reviews are as much about the box office potential as they are about the quality.
Have you ever eaten rotten tomatoes? Not knowingly. I have been known to drink milk the day after it expires though.
Thank you for doing this AMA. Welcome! Do you consider yourself to be movie-savvy? What was your occupation before this? Do you know of some amazing movies that have gotten little to no attention? If so, can you name a few? (Sorry to ask so many.. pick and choose if you wish!) :D. I like to think I'm relatively movie-savvy, but there are plenty of people who know more about the art and the business of movies than I do.
Before I was at RT, I had an online music business that failed (which is why I got back into web-based entertainment journalism) and before that I was at Yahoo Movies. I've been covering entertainment on the web off and on for about 15 years. I started out as a Universal Studios Tour Guide and I think I've taken that training to it's ridiculous extreme.
One movie I really tried to talk up last year was Warrior, and I was really happy to see Nolte get an Oscar nomination. He had a scene in that movie that had me in tears.
Hey Matt, what would you say is your favorite ultra-cheesy movie to watch for laughs (Something along the lines of The Day After Tomorrow or The Core). My favorite genre of movie is probably sci-fi or action/adventure. And I love a good martial arts movie.
What is your favorite genre of movie? I just re-watched The Rock on cable the other day - does that count as cheesy? Loved it.
What was it like in the beginning of your business? Rotten Tomatoes began as a side project for a few employees at a company called Design Reactor in Emeryville, CA. This allowed them to fully develop and take risks with the RT concept. Once it became clear this was going to be huge, the site branched off onto its own.
Was it hard, did people have doubts? You can see some of the stories about the early days of the site here
Have you ever spoke to an ActoActress who have had a joke or discussion with their film's ratings with you? A lot. One of the coolest things about working at Rotten Tomatoes is that almost everyone in the film industry seems to know who we are and they use the site. I interviewed James Remar a couple of weeks back and he joked about how many bad movies he had on our site.
My favorite was probably interviewing the Broken Lizard guys. I love Super Troopers, and they all said to us "we love you guys, but you HATE us."
Is there any movie with a 0% critic and 100% user or the other way around? I don't think there is that large of a difference, but there are some with a difference of 40-50%. But I think comparing critics scores to user scores is an apples/oranges comparison. Users mostly choose movies they think they'll like, and they're usually right, so most users scores come from a self-selecting pool of people biased towards liking the film. I'm painting in broad strokes here, but the I think the numbers are kind of a false comparison.
can you bring him back? Please, oh, please, will you let him on the site again? Armond has the ability to post on the site if he wants to.
How do you feel about critics who slam overwhelmingly acclaimed movies, such as Toy Story 3 and E.T.? If someone can legitimately back up their criticism, that's their right. We don't expect everyone to agree.
What is your opinion on critics writing a negative review to gain traffic to their personal website? Regarding writing reviews to get traffic, if someone's flagrantly doing that, we try and address it. But it's slippery slope - we're not trying to enforce some kind of group think, and if someone can legitimately argue against the popular opinion, that's their right.
Did you ever want to be a filmmaker growing up (or still want to)? I wanted to be in movies, not really direct them or produce them. And then I realized I'd rather watch movies than make them.
What is your opinion on the future of movie distribution as a whole? Will the days of $15 movie tickets and $8 popcorn go the way of Betamax tapes? Or do you feel that there is something stronger in a community experience (actually sharing the moment with a crowd of strangers, much like a concert) that a home theatre can't convey? I'm not sure what the future holds for movie distribution, but I think we're going to see fewer story concepts get distributed in a theatrical experience as the years go by. But I don't know that it's going to be a sudden tipping point, so much as it will be a slow erosion. I think we're going to end up in a place where most movies are released "day-and-date" - all countries across all media (theaters, TV, internet) at the same time, and movie theaters will be a specialized event experience, like going to a ball game, instead of staying home and watching it on TV.
Would you be willing to become a regular contributor on the Adam Carolla podcast, like David Wild from Rolling Stone has? I would love a weekly segment discussing the crap coming out at the theaters. We're working on that, but Adam's schedule gets really full really quickly (or so they tell me).
How did you come up with the idea for the site's rating system? That was created by the founders of the site (not me), but my understanding is that 60% works as a pretty clear supermajority.
Thanks for doing this. I love RT! What's the process of deciding which reviewers should be listed/counted towards the Tomatometer like? Additionally, what are the qualifications needed for one of them to be a "top critic" on there? I just posted about this, but we have our criteria here
One of the things that really stand out to me on the website is the user comments on the professional reviews. I think there is a very clear hivemind mentality among the user comments that is really disturbing - there are SO many hostile comments towards negative reviews for those "good" films and then so many patronizing comments towards positive reviews for "bad" films. How would you go about regulating these comments and improving discussion of these professional reviews? Yeah, we're planning to move away from having individual comment threads linked to specific reviews, because I think that helps focus the dogpile that happens when someone goes against the majority. We'll have one thread for each movie that will be easier to police.
Hi Matt! I'm an accredited film critic (not listed on RT yet, though). I love your site, but there are limits in the RT system because of review nuance. Would you ever consider putting the option on RT where a user could see a page based on ratings (ie 3 stars our of 4), not the fresh/rotten binary? We've thought about doing something like that, but we suffer from a severe lack of development resources, and it's hard make the case for that level of expense (developer time=money) when other parts of the larger corporate organization have other priorities.
P.S. - I was the longest intern the Rotten Tomatoes show had. I enjoyed my time thoroughly and look fondly back on the company as a whole. If there are any ever positions open, you can be your bottom dollar I'll be applying! Anyway, that was a decision by the producers, and we didn't have much input on it. But my take is that since Rotten Tomatoes is about critics' reviews, I feel like having professionals was closer to the spirit of the site.
I love you on the Adam Carolla podcast when you come on. Do you think anyone has the balls to tell him that movie was not that good? I love me some Ace, but that movie was not that good. Have you seen it? I actually think it's a decent little movie. It's not high art, but it's better than I would have expected out of him.
What RT score do you think this AMA would get? Up votes are only at 56%, so I guess that means my own AMA is rotten. (insert sad trombone sound here)
If this AMA results in the removal of this popup then I will go to sleep tonight knowing we did something good for the world. The product team is telling me this is going to be addressed. It probably won't go away completely, but it should show up less.
Is there any chance of the search/sort feature becoming more specific. For example it would be neat if I could search for something like "Highest rated comedies in the last 5 years with more than 50 reviews" or something to that effect. That's a long shot. Our development team is handling a lot of different priorities right now, and although those sorts of improvements are on a "to do" list, it's a really, really long list.
Describe your typical day. The days vary over the course of the week, because we see most of the reviews come in on Thursdays and Fridays. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be a lot of time planning coverage for the coming weeks, and then going to screenings in the evenings. On Thursdays I do a bunch of radio press appearances, my team is amassing reviews, shoot What the Flick, and then we have Rotten Tomatoes Radio. Fridays have more reviews, more press, and then eventually I go home.
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